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We have certified diamonds of all sizes, expert on-site jewelry repair, custom design and manufacturing, watch batteries, factory authorized service of most watch brands, appraisals and a wide selection of designer jewelry and watches.

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Engagement Rings

Charles Krypell - IMG_1248
Honora - D1500BL-14KW
Charles Krypell - IMG_1259
Honora - LP4629WH
Charles Krypell - IMG_1506
Honora - LE5416WH
Charles Krypell - 1-9278-WY
Charles Garnier  - MLE8095W45
Honora - LE5519WTR
Scott Kay - E2821SPAAS
Scott Kay - E1211SPADS
Charles Krypell - 5-655-RXAMY
Honora - LHB5532SNR
Honora - LB5570HLO
Scott Kay - B1910TX985
Charles Krypell - 5-7040-WS

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