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We have certified diamonds of all sizes, expert on-site jewelry repair, custom design and manufacturing, watch batteries, factory authorized service of most watch brands, appraisals and a wide selection of designer jewelry and watches.

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Freida Rothman - YRZE020025-GYS
Charles Krypell - 1-6830-S11
Scott Kay - E1731SPBPM
Charles Krypell - 1-6652-SG
Charles Krypell - 1-6710-SWHTP
Scott Kay - E3782SPASB
Alwand Vahan - 22553D04
LAGOS - 05-81018-CWM
LAGOS - 05-81135-CWM
LAGOS - 05-81091-7
LAGOS - 05-81018-CB7
LAGOS - 05-81124-FM

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Since 1944, customers around the United States have come to recognize Moody's name as synonymous with quality, integrity and honesty. Since its inception, Moody's family owned and operated approach has provided the superior shopping experience you expect from the neighborhood store along with the variety you expect from a company with an international purchasing domain.

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