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We have certified diamonds of all sizes, expert on-site jewelry repair, custom design and manufacturing, watch batteries, factory authorized service of most watch brands, appraisals and a wide selection of designer jewelry and watches.

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Engagement Rings

Chatham - CP2197WAL
Camelot - PEM-14KWALT
Le Vian  - YQML 41
Honora - D1461-14KW
Honora - EX1950WGSI
Honora - LE4947GR
Honora - LE5632WH
Charles Krypell - 1-606-RXC
Charles Krypell - 1-6806-SBSWS
Honora - LE5638WH
Freida Rothman - YZB080069B-MOP-HG
William Henry - 15899175286_E6D0639FD0_Z
Charles Krypell - 5-9279-PLYY
Charles Krypell - 5-6895-CAPE
Parade - B2691A-D

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