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The jewelry you wear is a great way to express your individuality and style.

Moody’s Jewelry is ready to bring your custom jewelry idea to life in a unique piece that was designed just for you.

With Moody’s experience in custom jewelry designs, manufacturing and sales, we are here to help you custom design your engagement, wedding rings, pendant or any other jewelry you want. We design and manufacture from simple diamond-stud earrings to very complex pieces of jewelry. Using the industry’s highest standards and state of the art machines, computers, and programs we create your setting with precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum and/or the precious metal alloys to make the perfect color white-gold, yellow-gold, or rose-gold.

The Moody's process of custom designing your jewelry piece:

Design Strep 1 Visit any Moody’s Jewelry store and bring your ideas. If you see a picture in a magazine, online or anywhere that inspires you to create something different, modify, or change bring them with you. It will help you and us to create your dream ring, earrings,, necklace or any other piece of jewelry. We will also discuss your size, setting, the stones, cost, and other details.
Design Strep 2 One of our designers will create a 3D render (a 3 dimensional drawing) using a computer that allows you to see your piece of jewelry before it is made. You can see what the piece would look in full photo quality rendering of the 3D computer model.
Design Strep 3 Once you have approved the design we then transfer the 3D file of your render to a state of the art 3D printers to create a wax version of your piece. The wax version is an physical replica of what your piece of jewelry will look like. So you can try it on, see details, etc.
Design Strep 4 When the wax version has been approved by you, we use an induction casting machine to cast your ring with precious metal of your choice. Our Jewelers next will take the cast and polish it and set the stones that you have chosen.

Your dream piece of jewelry is now ready!

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