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ALTR’s exquisite created diamonds and bridals are made to make special moments even more extraordinary.  As the leading created diamond brand, ALTR blends traditional diamond-industry expertise with modern innovation. Certified by GCAL, the world's leading diamond certification institute, created diamonds are polished at 100X magnification and cut by master craftsmen – taking four times as long to cut and polish – making it a product of, both, artistic skill and technology. It is the perfect fusion of three essential design factors: ideal cut, excellent optical symmetry, and an optically innovative cut scheme, based on the scientific analysis of diamond refraction. The traditional pattern of eight hearts and arrows is at last reimagined – a staggering hundred years after the 57-facet brilliant-cut diamond was first defined. The purest diamond known to man – one with the fewest impurities and peerless brilliance. Visit ALTR